Love Thy Neighbor

Sep 09 2010

Love Thy Neighbor was the first of my two Sophmore projects at DigiPen. A top-down, 2D shooter that supported two players on the same keyboard, that was only taken to an Alpha state.

Unfortunately, the only files I have left for the project are missing at least the last several days work. Those last several days were when we ironed out the major bugs, finished up the maps, configured the weapons, and wired in the cut scenes. The binary I do have then is missing all that and is quite buggy, uses only a test map, lacks the cut scenes, and the weapons use utterly random values.

This version of Love They Neighbor is still plagued by my favorite bug of the project, where dead AIs will pop back to life a few moments after dying. That bug along is why I find it worth the time to put what content I do have up for the game.


Team Roster

Screen Shots

Love Thy Neighbor, Gameplay 4

Love Thy Neighbor, Gameplay 5