Steamy Punk Pack

May 15 2012


The third update for Gotham City Impostors is out today adding the new Arkham Asylum map.

Also out today is the Steam Punk DLC Pack which gives a new weapon (The Witch Doctor), gadget (a Jetpack!), fun fact, costume (totally snazzy), and mascot to those that purchase it.

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Rodeo Pirate Update

May 16 2011


Our second update for Gotham City Impostors, The Rodeo Pirate update, is live today. The update adds the East End map, a new game mode, and a language choice for your character all for free.

Don't be a parrot!

With the update we are also adding a premium item pack that unlocks a smorgasbord of fun. The choicest dish of which is the Boarding Party, that itself likely represents the first weaponization of parrots in a First Person Shooter.

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