The Emissary of Tep

Aug 13 2010

A lamentable aspect of the game industry, or at least it is for the company I work at, is that I’m not permitted to discuss the cool things I’ve worked on in anything approaching an interesting level of detail. Such limitations don’t apply to my school projects from DigiPen though, which brings me to The Emissary of Tep.

The final project for my freshman year was required to be a text based game done in C using only the libraries that were part of the C standard. My team took this to heart and even avoided ASCII art to instead embrace sweet, sweet text.

I’ve managed to keep most everything from the project, which goes to show how much of a data packrat I am. The best of it all is the website that a teammate, Jon Olson, wrote for us over the Christmas holiday.

Looking back its startingly how much effor all of us put into the project. My recollections of the time are pretty scant. I do remember spending way too much time writing dialogue for the project, but that said I also recall I wrote only a fraction of what Nathan Frost churned out.


Team Roster

Screen Shots

Sweet, sweet text

Who needs ASCII art?